Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Survey and final plans ordered

This is what we've got at the moment. More grass...and just in time for the builders to come along and destroy it ;) We've gotten our commencement letter from the bank. We've signed off on all our variations and paid 5% of them. Our survey has been ordered (4.7.13) and we should have final plans to check over at some point this week.Once that's all approved we can organise our site start meeting with our CSA.

Here are a couple of our favourite pieces which will go into the new home. Brushed aluminium pendants for the kitchen (Beacon), wall clock almost as big as me (Splendour Interiors), our dining table (with the chairs that I hate!!) and foyer light (Masters).

As for the build, here is where we are up to. So much more to go! At least we are almost out of admin.

Fast forward one hour and we have received our final colours, PCV's and plans to check over :)