Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tender accepted - Was there ever any doubt?

Firstly, we accepted the tender on Monday 19th. $2,500.00 later and its time to get the ball rolling. Basically there's three weeks between tender acceptance and the drawing up of the plans and contract. The plans will be sent to us a few days before our contract signing in early December. We have since made a few changes, such as an upgraded brick being downgraded again to one in the standard range. I always liked 'mocha', we just LOVED chocolatto and I don't think we can justify $2000 being spent on brick colour - regardless of its awesomeness. Plus there's the potential issue of the bricks chipping and the natural colour underneath being exposed. I know the slurry stuff is somehow baked onto the brick, but do they make a kind of touch up paint for bricks in case they do chip? The mocha is the same colour throughout. Either way, not the end of the world, but there are other places I would rather put the money. We made up our mind on the weekend after another visit to PGH, to speak to Lyndal. She has been great. A real credit to the company.

As soon as we accepted the tender, we made an appointment to sign the contract, as well as our colour appointments at Home Option Gallery (H.O.G). For the colours etc, you need to put aside two whole days. Thank goodness for flexi time at work! They don't offer weekend appointments unfortunately. It is recommended that people visit PGH and dilorenzo before these appointments. After this coming weekend we will have been to dilorenzo 3 times, and PGH 4.

Oh...this is (more or less) the house. The study will be closed off to form another wardrobe ;)

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