Friday, 9 November 2012

Tender Presentation

Today we travelled to Norwest for our Tender Presentation with Eden Brae.We've been assigned someone we've read about on other blogs - all positive feedback from others and we were very impressed as well. It seems like she went over everything very thoroughly (we probably forgot to add a few things which we will confirm over coming days). She read through every piece of information in the tender ensuring we understood what was meant by each part. If she saw something she didn't think was correct, she would follow it up (within a 2 hour appointment, she was in touch with all the people she needed an answer from. If we didn't get an answer, it was because we were waiting to hear back from others). Based on our experience so far, we would definitely recommend this company. We have been lucky to work with two very professional staff so far and I hope this trend continues.

We have one week to confirm we're going with Eden Brae and pay $2,500.00, and three weeks after that to sign the contracts after making final changes. We left with a bunch of brochures for the companies that are contracted to work on Eden Brae homes. There are so many things to consider.

Some interesting points from today:
Upgrade of bricks is approx $2000 from standard to Group F (Vino, Espresso, Chocolatto). Yowser! The standard bricks are ok, but we like the colour schemes we can work with, with the upgrades. (Plus if we want a coloured door it will suit a darker brick). 

There is currently a $5000 Eden Brae New Home sale. $5K rebate for building with them but they are trying to wind it down so if you're keen to take advantage, better look into it.

I think we'll probably cop it when it comes to floor coverings.The carpet we like is an additional $30/sq with a 25yr guarantee, and $8/sq underlay. And I just added it all up >.< I've entered all the costs into a spreadsheet to try to keep track of where we can save money here or there. Hopefully it helps us save money and prioritise the things we should do now, as opposed to things we can do ourselves (read "Stephen" :-/ ) later.

Overall a very exciting day and at this point I think we should come in around our budget (however I haven't looked at tile pricing yet! :'( )

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