Saturday, 1 June 2013, what's next???

A few things have happened since I last wrote.
Most notably, our land registered on May 14. We extended our site start date to the end of July so that we would have enough time to get all of our admin completed. As soon as land registered, we ordered the s149 (2) from Camden Council (an Eden Brae requirement we were advised of when we had our contract signing). The s149(2) cost just over $50, so not too bad. Our land is expected to settle on June 4th.

Within one week (May 24), the fences were down and we could access our block. We noticed some blue spray paint on the block...thought maybe they were marking out where the trees would go; and one week later we had trees :) Not sure what they are but two look like they may be a kind of eucalypt, and the other two remind me of lilly pillies. One of them, we are convinced, has a drinking habit because it has a serious lean to it. We noticed they were digging up a section of our stage for footpaths so we shouldn't be too far behind for that either.

Today, while checking out the trees, and attending Cobbitty markets (which was AWESOME!), I met my first neighbours. They're from across-the-road, and are also building with Eden Brae. Shame we didn't know about them earlier, we could have compared notes :P Anyway they seemed lovely, and it was nice to meet another couple who are so excited about their build. We've also found out through the council website, that the block behind us is a single storey (WOOHOO!). We were a little worried about them being double. No big deal if they were, it just means a little more sunlight in our yard throughout the day.

In other news, another stage has come and gone in Oran Park Town. Speaking to one of the Greenfields guys, they had sold all but a handful of blocks (about 39 with holding deposits on the first day?). 

The next steps, as per our Eden Brae CSO:
1. CSO orders the CDC pre-assessment with this certificate which takes 5 working days, your file is then prepared for CDC lodgement.

2.      Receive CDC approval 

3.      Requesting the sign off for the DA Check letter – understanding you have not seen the final plans but this is to ensure you have raised all the variations you want to so far. We ask for you to look at your current plans to see if you may see something else you want. If not, you confirm no more changes.

4.      DA Check to be completed – this is an important check through your file from your contract to all the variations are check and ensure no doubles, errors or missed items. From this stage we are able to order your final plans and prepare your final documents. This is where all your variations will be reflected in the final plans. this process takes roughly 3-4 weeks.

5.      Site Start Appointment – this is where you will meet with me and go through final documents. I will send them to you before your appointment to have a look at before you come in. This will give you time and ensure you do not feel overwhelmed in the appointment. Can be done via email if needed.

6.      Surveyor Peg Out – Once we have your final plans we are able to order the surveyor peg out. The surveyor will out to site and peg the position of your slab ready for excavator to begin

7.      Bank’s Authority to Commence Construction (ACC) – during the above process we get your to engage with your bank to finalise all loans and ensure the funds are ready to draw down on. The bank will give Eden Brae Homes authority to commence construction. THIS MUST BE GIVEN PRIOR TO US COMMENCING WORKS.

8.     Production – once you have signed off all the final documents your file will go into production where all the orders are raised ready for the supervisor. Once this is complete you will be released into construction. This process takes approx 20-25 working days as per your contract.

She also sent us another letter and checklist, however this one was pretty simple - we have already taken care of most of it. She mentioned that our plans have been sent to Council, however we don't show up in Councils "Track your DA online" page just yet. Hopefully in the next few days.

I think that's enough for one entry, don't you? :O)

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  1. You are in an exciting stage of the admin process. Exciting stuff... July will be here in just over 4 weeks.