Monday, 6 May 2013


I'm going to give a shameless plug to our Senior Mortgage Broker, Evi Wyszenko! We found her when we were looking at Allworth. One of their former staff got us in touch with her - I don't really know what a diamond broker is, but apparently she is one of them. Sounds about right, she is a gem! We visited Evi yesterday just to go over our finances and to make sure we hadn't bitten off more than we could chew with the price of the house (all the bloody extras really add up!!!) and land. We're in a good position, a long way under the maximum amount we had been pre-approved for!

We first met with Evi almost one year ago, when we got the building bug. The purpose of yesterday was to go over our situation and make sure nothing had really changed. Had another look at the bank accounts, pay slips, super, all the usual stuff. The good thing about Evi, is that she genuinely is interested in your situation and doing the right thing by you. Dealing with her, I've always felt relaxed, trusting, and comfortable. She's good on the email, and so so good at explaining things to you when you are clueless like me :)

She works in Seven Hills and up near Chatswood, but if you need someone you can trust, don't let the distance deter you. We've visited her on the weekend, and she has visited us before too. She's a great person to have on your side, and has the experience of being a bank manager so she knows how things work from the other side too. She has a reputation to uphold. If you need someone to chat to about this area, keep her in mind!

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