Saturday, 4 May 2013

Gardens and Oran Park Construction

I talk a lot about the plants we have purchased to date. Here's a shot of most of them:

Lomandra and Liriope
Flax for front yard and Lilly Pilly for back yard
2 x Lilly Pilly for backyard on far right, 5 x Lilly Pilly for front yard to left.
Liriope, stripey white and Murraya for front yard

Stephen was installing a kitchen today (looong day!!) so Mum and I went for a drive to Oran Park with Blackie. The first thing we noticed was how much work was taking place. Not so much on the houses, but the latest releases.
Mum taking Black for a walk down Dowson. Further construction in the background-Stage 2.

View from Sales Centre Carpark, overlooking Shopping Centre
View (west) from Dowson. Just south of 5B.
Hopefully we'll have some more Eden Brae based blogs soon (we had to fork out another $750 to keep prices fixed for one more month). If anyone is interested in Oran Park on Facebook, their page is here and the community page is located here.


  1. Hey, I am about to build with EB and am pretty much in same stage as you but in Spring Farm, our plans are about to go to LPI.

    Can you explain what the go was for paying an extra $750 to lock in prices? Have you signed your tender? I dont want to be paying extra money.


    1. Oh cool! Are you in Stage 51? The place I work has a bit to do with Spring Farm. I think that's about where they're up to with that stage - just a guess!

      The $750...I'll write out what it says on the variation form we just signed:

      The PCV is for "Capped Price Option".
      -The capped price expires if construction has not commenced by start date nominated in the contract (capped price lasts for six months after you sign the contract - and for us would have run out end of April I think)
      -Reduced rate agreed by EBH
      -Site start date to be 31st July 2013.

      I think it may have been the end of April when the last price increase took place with Eden Brae. I don't think it was a huge amount, but all the other prices (things like carpets, tiles, about a hundred other things hehe) would have had to go up as well. We figured that extending the start date by three months was the way to go (so $2,250.00 all up - which sucks, but is better than the alternative.) So as soon as the land is registered, we need to really get our butts into gear so EBH have their two months for administration to be completed. We've already met with the mortgage broker again, which is my next thing to blog about! :)

      The other thing, when we bought our land back in September, it was supposed to register in Jan/Feb. We would have been ready to start building by the end of March/beginning of April if that had happened. It's been 8 months now and we're still a couple of weeks away from registration, so hopefully, the way it sounds is like you're in a good position if you're headed to LPI.

  2. That's a bit of a joke to be honest, was it a H&L package that you have purchased?, I think council etc is out of our hands in terms of progress. When it comes down to it EBH Should be pushing the council. I thought it was fixed price no matter what? I hope the same thing doesn't happen to me cause there is no way I will be paying. We signed our $750 pre price rise and were told by our sales guy we will not be affected by the price rise, but come to tender and we had the price rise which our tender guy said was wrong which we heavily argued and were getting rather annoyed that we were lied to, so a quick call to the EB Boss and our price was sorted, we were not happy.

    Your blog has been such a big help. I love reading it, and we are so the same in terms of loving display homes :)

    P.S are you upgrading your kitchen benchtop? Do you have the island bench? I noticed you said the price was $950, when i asked kitchen culture, it was $750 to upgrade the top, 11 hundred and something per water fall and then another 11 hundred and something for the single drop on the cook top side, the total was nearly $5k. No way am i paying that. Standard colours will work for me. :)

    Good luck with everything, excited to read your next adventure..

    1. I'm sorry, I didn't see this til now! I'd never ignore someone on purpose, lol!

      We bought the land before we decided who to build with. I can't remember if I have added a new blog about it, but we're going through CDC rather than Council. Thank goodness. We can use all the help we can get, making up some time. I agree with EBH pushing Councils to keep our builds moving. I initially got a feeling they wouldn't mind delays as they could make more money off us, but over the last few weeks they have been really really good. My first impression of fixed price was not 'fixed price til the next increase, and if you still want your fixed price, we'll charge you a different way'. I get it, from a business point of view, but from a client point of view, it really p!ssed us both off. I mean, it's money we don't have. If everything else had gone to plan, we'd be $2,250 better off. It sucks because you feel like you have no choice but to pay.

      We had a bit of a stuff up earlier on in our dealings with eden brae and we think sometimes that it could have actually helped us. If they get you offside they are probably gonna be more keen to keep you on side :) Hopefully it'll work in your favour!

      Glad to hear the blog has been helpful :)

      Kitchen bench + island was upgraded yeah. The $950 would probably have been with everything added up, and taking off the money we had set aside already for kitchen and bathroom upgrades. We got the 20mm stone, with waterfalls in the kitchen, and the bench was 80cm wide. They had a whole heap of different price ranges, so that might also have been a factor in the price differences. The kitchen appointment was a painful one! "You want HOW MUCH!?!!!"

      If I sound at all vague, it's just because it was so long ago and there's all this jumbled up information in my head haha, but I discussed it with Stephen and he said it sounds about right lol!!