Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Today we heard from Oran Park. Our land release has gone to Land Titles Office, and we ought to be ready to get the ball rolling in about two weeks when the land is registered. :)

Now to meet with our mortgage broker and go over the banks requirements. Make sure we can still afford this thing :P


  1. Great News guys- Congratulations :-D

  2. Cheers! Very exciting to type in a DP number into the Land Titles website and have the right information come up :)

  3. Hi Cody
    I have just signed with Eden brae for Hamilton 31 in phase 2c, just a quick question about land registration with your land, was it registered on time by the council or not. We have our land in phase 2c lot number 2219 on Geogegon circuit, initially we were told by the sales guy Craig that land will be registered late June 2013 and early July but still no news and every time I called him he is with his words that its July. Please advise me if yours was on time

    Also how was your experience with eb. Looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Hi Mirza :)
      I believe Council requested further info on our land for contamination (reports)...and there were also apparently delays with the water. When we bought the land in September, they were hoping for registration in January/February, but it ended up registering in May. I get the impression your area might be ready when they expect it. Stage 2 had a more 'complete' appearance than our stage, months before we were registered. By that I mean the trees, grass, kerbs and paths.

      You're doing well if you're only calling Craig ;) We got to a point where we were emailing Kim on the front desk, and Mark from Greenfields haha. I think we had more problems than most other stages. I'm sure the others have been pretty much on time.

      Eden Brae have been good, but frustrating like any builder I suppose. They were always going to be on the back foot with us as we have been waiting for registration for so long, so we want to do everything we possibly can to speed up the process. If you aren't already a member, join the homeone website forum where you can chat to other people building. There is an active thread for people building with EB. If you are unsure of prices or want a better idea of how to budget for everything, you should find some good advice there.

      I have faith in Eden Brae when I see just how many builds they have in our area, and at Spring Farm. They are a very popular builder - hopefully that many people can't be wrong to choose to build with them ^_^ Good luck with everything!!

  4. thanks Cody, much appreciate for your quick reply. Yes I have been calling/emailing Craig for an update and he has always been very efficient in responding my queries. Monday this week I called him again because my 90 days loan offer is expiring in a few days time and he updated me that a linen Plan will be going to council this week (not sure what does this mean and how long will it take from here) but I am also keep on calling the council if they have received any paperwork from the Oran Park and every time they said no, not sure who to believe.

    My experience with Eden brae has been fantastic initially, but now since I signed the contract and paid 5% its driving me crazy now. As for a few items I have been misinterpreted, specially house façade, we upgraded it to a different one with stack stones on piers but just been informed that stack stone were not included in the upgrade and to have stones on the piers I may have to pay another one thousand, which was not too bad when I was getting a credit for moroca. We visited Di Lorenzo to pick the stones we wanted and 3 days later I received a $5000 quote which did not let me sleep the whole night. Spoke with EB next day and they suggested me to have it done by someone else when we move in to the property (not a nice suggestion - I was not expecting this from EB) anyways I have dropped them an email asking them to cancel my contract as I am not happy to go ahead anymore, see what happens now

    When your house is going to start – I hope things get settled

    1. Mirza, I hope you have had some luck with your loan offer and getting some answers from the Sales Office. Are you able to get a DP (Deposited Plan) number, or draft DP number you can follow up with Council or the LPI website? I can't remember how to look up the status of the linen plan on the LPI site but sometimes they will find small details in the plan that require correction, and it can take a little time to fix. It's frustrating but the team submitting the plan will be doing their best to fix it up and get the land registered! (If that is the issue).

      "My experience with Eden brae has been fantastic initially, but now since I signed the contract and paid 5% its driving me crazy now." Haha yes I think we all can relate. It doesn't help that after the sales team, you're dealing with people who have to contact estimators and planners to get pricing and options. It can take a while :( If it looks good, it is probably going to be an upgrade.

      Have they cancelled your contract, or did you figure something out with EBH? (We should have a slab in a couple of weeks :) )