Saturday, 6 April 2013

In Camden...

There isn't much going on for us at the moment, so for anyone following the blog who is interested in the local area, there are a couple of things I thought I would mention.

I mentioned Downes in an earlier post. We finally went there over the Easter weekend and came away with 32 plants for about $160.00. For example, 5 of those plants (Lilly Pilly) would cost close to $20 each at a popular Sydney nursery. We got these plants for $6.50 from Downes, in 200mm pots. Like almost every other plant we've bought, we have bought a larger plastic pot to transfer them into, as some plants came to us a little root-bound.

You drive into Downes and nothing is labelled other than the large beds, so if you don't have a clue what you're looking for, you could be in for some fun ;) The guys in the office can give you a map and mark up the basic area where your chosen plants are located. We happened to visit on a very busy day so had to fend for ourselves, but you may be luckier. Regardless, 32 plants for $160.00!? You can't go wrong.

This store is great. These days it seems many homewares stores sell similar items. Splendour has a wide range of unique homewares to suit a variety of tastes. Their website is linked in the title, but you can check out their facebook page here. There are some items that are on the expensive side (decorative glass pieces at $600 for example) but there are many bargains to be found. (Heimlich, if you are reading this, I hold you solely responsible for the money we spent on the clock today, and whatever is spent in future!) Today we bought the biggest clock I've ever seen for our dining area. Splendour are located on Argyle Street, Camden, just opposite McDonalds. Turn left into their carpark just before the roundabout, before you go past the store. Very helpful sales staff! Let's hope we don't spend all our money here before I get a chance to go to Matt Blatt!!!

As for Oran Park, Stage 5B went on sale today. After one hour, they had sold (or taken deposits for) 21 lots. Not too shabby.


  1. Another good place to go browsing first Saturday of the month 8am- 2pm Cobbitty markets located at Cobbitty public school. You may have passed them on the way to Downes.

  2. A great lighting shop in camden is Wandalite, they have really beautiful decorative stuff there if you want to check it out, makes you kick yourself over the lighting prices with Eden Brae.

  3. Thanks guys!!
    Stephens mother has been a few times to Cobbity and mentioned it was a good market. We spoke about it again after your comment so I will have to pencil it in for May i think!

    Wandalite - had a look at their website. So many lights!! Will have to have a squiz, we've still got both the wardrobes to do, and keep changing our mind about the bedroom light (after we have already bought the thing). Plus we've still got to decide what lights are going outdoors - porch, alfresco, and all along the eaves.

    Thanks for the tips guys!!