Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Thaiday

It's Good Friday, and there's no progress on our site. When I started writing this, my football team (Broncos) was being smashed by a far superior team (Melbourne) and I wanted a distraction.

How about this, for anyone in Oran Park with no idea about internet, NBN, phones etc, I stumbled upon this site earlier today. It doesn't make much sense to me yet but might be helpful to others. I know people in Gregory Hills are going through a tough time organising their phone lines. The new stage (5B) in Oran Park is on sale April 6. The stage that went on sale months after us, has turf and trees planted already. We will likely resent those streets, at least a little, forever ;)

There seem to be some Easter sales on. We are heading out tomorrow to pick up our coffee table and entertainment unit for the living room. Our parents have asked us what we want for the last year and a half of birthdays and Christmases; and every time it's gift vouchers. Might as well take advantage of the sales!

For anyone who has shown any interest in Stephens work, I have updated the facebook page. It's mostly just plans, but better than nothing! Hoping there will be a new job or two in the very near future.

Melbourne won 32-26. I'd be losing it if I wasn't so distracted.

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