Thursday, 25 April 2013

Are we about to register?

I think we are!
Word on the street is the section73 certificate came through early in the week, and everything went off to council so they can say 'heck yes these guys can start building!'. At least, I am hoping that's more or less what they say!!

We got an email from our builder earlier this week asking if we had heard from the developer. Someone else in our estate mentioned to our CSO that we would not be registered until June or July. This was a massive "WTF!?" moment for us as, on Monday we were in touch with a Greenfields director, salesman and receptionist who are really on the ball with everything. They advised that we were a few weeks away. Stephen was actually in the area earlier in the week and confirmed again that this is still correct. What we think and hope might be the case, is that our CSO spoke to someone who bought in the same stage, but a different release in our stage (due to register mid 2014). Her manager is following up now. Hopefully we'll get an answer in the next couple of days. Either way, I am glad our CSO is keeping an eye on whats going on in our area. She has been very helpful along the way.

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