Monday, 16 September 2013


We've been looking into landscaping a little more lately. Who has everyone been using? We went up the road to Waratah Landscape Supplies, who are merging with Shepherds (from Camden Valley Way near Prestons). The guy there was really helpful and gave us a bunch of prices and advice on what is good for what we need to do. I suppose that's his job, but if you're in the area I'd recommend checking them out. Free delivery to Oran Park. They've just opened up in the area a week ago so there's not a lot there, but what is there is quite good. If you've got any recommendations, leave me a comment or give me a yell on the forum =)

We are at a loss for what to do in the backyard as our 8 month old puppy is currently going through a very destructive phase. We have nothing planned for the yard yet aside from the two trees Oran Park require us to plant for the 5K rebate. If they don't get past Marley I might have to encourage her to get a job to earn us the $5,000.00. I know what I want in the backyard...but will she let us put it there!?

In awesome news, we seem to have gotten approval to bump our side fence forward a couple of metres. We were concerned about having the bulk of our living area windows facing the street and hoped we could get at least 2 of the 3 into the backyard. Even better - more space for the dogs now! More grass to rip up.

In other news, we have bricks! We've just started our sixth week since the site was scraped. The house has gone up so quickly. For those interested:
Bricks: Mocha
Roof and Gutter: Monument

Eaves, Cladding and Fascia: Surfmist
Driveway: Charcoal paver

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