Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lock Up + Photos!

Has it really been over a month since my last post?! 
It feels like things are happening so quickly at the moment, but at the same time I feel I have nothing to write about.

Earlier this month we met with our Site Supervisor.Top bloke, gives me faith in the building company after many months of back and forth with admin, contracts and sales. The admin side of the build is frustrating, but I think it has made us appreciate the building side even more. Anyway, our meeting with our SS. If you are building in our suburb you have a good chance of getting him and if your build is anything like ours and our tradies, you will enjoy yourself! We met with him just before the gyprock was to go on. Only exchanged a few emails prior and couldn't really get a feel for what he was like so we didn't know what to expect at the meeting. We spoke for about an hour, and went through each room of the house. He addressed our concerns and was very patient and informative. He took the time to go over the details. We did not once feel rushed and left the meeting very happy and satisfied.

We have been to the site often. We have had a walk through. We've spoken to a lot of tradies and they have all been great personalities and from my uneducated eye, they seem to have done a very good job to date. We only picked up on a few errors but all minor.

We currently are at lock up. Front door went on yesterday. Bricks have been cleaned and I could not be happier with the colours we have chosen.  Interesting to see how the colours appear in the different light.
Brick: Mocha
Roof: Colorbond monument
Gutter: Colorbond monument
Fascia and window: surfmist (garage door the same)

I recently commented on how frustrating Eden Brae had been at times. I suppose this is partly due to all the other delays on site, not their fault, which have you wanting to start your build 'yesterday' basically. But at the same time now that we are in construction, every time you see the house, there is something new to get excited about. It's Christmas Day for adults.

This week we are being waterproofed in the wet areas, skirting and gyprock has been completed, and on Wednesday the kitchen and vanities should be installed. Our next door neighbours have got their pegs! I have been waiting for them to start for a couple of reasons. They are closed in by all three neighbours...site access might be tricky, and I am keen to get a fence up for the dogs ;) But best to wait a little while to give tradies space and minimise the chances of them or us damaging the fence in our enthusiasm to get the house and landscaping complete haha...that's the last thing we want when we're all poor from furnishing houses and purchasing dozens of plants!! (And yes, we bought more plants on the weekend :) )

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