Monday, 9 December 2013

Post Construction Inspection

Today was the day! Neither of us went to work and we started off the day with a filling breakky from our friend Andrews cafe (at Moorebank Flower Power). Delicious as usual! We arrived to Oran Park at 9:45am (for a 10am meeting), and saw that our Site Supervisor was already there. We headed in early as these guys have a ton of jobs and we didn't want to waste his time or ours. 

He explained that he had already gone through the house, marking any imperfections he could see. They use painters tape, basically. He went through with blue tape, and the Tyrells inspector went through with green. There were a HEAP of blue ones, and only a few green ones that had been missed. To be honest we had a look at some of the green dots and we couldn't tell what the problem was. I guess that's why EB use Tyrells! We really didn't find much. I think most of it was due to the trades coming in after the painters, with scratches, scuffs etc on the paint. No huge issues that will delay us. An example of touch ups required:
  • Stink pipe to be painted, and downpipes to receive second coat
  • Electrical - a missing powerpoint, power for rangehood
  • Kitchen - back panel of island to be replaced as a screw or two were almost protruding through the board.
  • Clean up of mortar in back corner of yard. Wheelbarrow took a tumble. Whoops ;)

Sorry about the angles...they were edited but apparently stubborn and don't like change. We really love the carpet. REALLY. If you are considering upgrading your carpet, you should do it! We are really happy with the house so far. But we're at a point where we feel very disorganised. We are so close to moving in and we just want to get started already :)

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