Friday, 13 December 2013

Things we didn't consider...

We noticed a few things at the house that seemed odd...or we just didn't think about them. Not complaining, just thought that it might be worth mentioning in case these were things that anyone might be overlooking, or interested in.

The Doorbell
Ours sits horizontally, rather than vertically. Have you EVER seen a doorbell attached horizontally? Ours was my first! Now Stephen wants to do away with it altogether.

The Lintels
The section above your door frame that holds onto the lowest row of bricks. They paint the bottom of it...and they painted ours in monument (dark grey), when every single door or window frame is (basically) surfmist (white)! So there are white frames, light brown bricks, and light grey tiles, and of all colours they pick the darkest one not even out there :P Oh well, it will be an easy enough fix and it's not like we noted what colour we wanted them so we'll cop it.

The Garage Door
Similar story. Except this one is painted white. If there is any leftover paint we will paint it a dark grey...because it leads outside and it's going to get dirty in no time. Might pay to note on your contracts (or at your colour appointment) which colour you want this to be! This never crossed our mind.

The Front Door
Ours is stained and still waiting to have the final gloss added. At the moment it's quite rough in areas and there are a few drips but they should be easy enough to fix I would think. Everything *should* be finished off by Friday.

We upgraded ours, and were asked if we wanted it included in the patio and alfresco. Check if you are getting cornice out here too.

Skirting boardsThese were put on after tiles...originally we thought it wouldn't look as good but the tilers have done a very good job. If you do want your tiles put on before your skirting, make sure 
you mention it at tender or you will likely need to pay a PCV fee.

Bathroom Tiles
If you want your top row of tiles in the bathroom to line up, put it in the tender. It's standard (in our package at least) for them to be finished neatly, but neither our bathroom or ensuite line up at the same height. As they have tiled to standard, we will fix this in future.

Items to leave off walls
Don't want a soap holder or rail attached to the wall? You know what to do! I was actually quite worried the tradies might put them on anyway...but they didn't. We've got the towel rail and will install when we move in...we just don't know where it should go yet. 

Depth of wardrobes
I think this was around 450mm. It's not terribly wide and at the narrowest point of the wardrobe, I can turn sideways but there's not much room either side. You might want to consider making this deeper if you have space to play with. What we have will be sufficient, but an extra 10cm would go a long way especially when we are going to add cabinets, drawers and doors.

Location and style of Window Handles
Something to consider, particularly if you are getting shutters installed. Can you get to the twisty knob? Can you slide your window open and have your slats open?  


Where will they put them? At electrical appointment, be sure to make a note on your plan stating where these go. We had a bedroom planned out but the electrician put a powerpoint about 20cm from the wardrobe. Still functional, but it's in the middle of no mans land and is less practical for what we had planned.

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  1. Congratulations Stephen and Kristen on getting to the end of your building journey! The days finally here :-))) Such a long ride to get to where you guys are today! May your beautiful New home bring you both lots of joy and beautiful memories! Enjoy guys & Merry Christmas XXXX