Saturday, 15 December 2012

Colour Samples

Not very good quality, but these are our colour selections:
  • We've gone with a dark grey colorbond roof, in monument.
  • The bricks are mocha, in the standard range for our package. We were going to go with a darker one but that was more of a want than a need. 
  • The garage and much of the house will be in surfmist. 
  • We forgot to look at the render colour, but we will be going with Stone Drab. We hadn't seen it until yesterday but it was the favourite for both of us.
  • I did want a red door, but we decided it could look a bit out of place, so have gone for a reddish stain instead (upgrade). The door itself has three large panes of glass. In a standard size door this would look a bit squarish but ours will look like this. The translucent glass is also an upgrade.

 Next up is internal paint! There are standard shades, so just because they say Taubmans Endure, don't go to Bunnings and find a colour you love unless you're willing to pay for it. You can probably see a past post where I've got a swatch of Grey Fog. Well its not standard. The standard shades only require two coats of paint. The one we've chosen instead is the closest to what we liked.

Kitchen stuff! We haven't had our appointment yet, kitchen and electrical are on Monday however we have chosen the colours we like. 
  • On the left side are the colours we are using for the ensuite. New Cairo essastone is standard. The door colour is from polytec and that's something we'll change after handover. In the interim we will use what EBH can provide and hopefully Blackened Linewood is a standard colour!
  • In the centre is the kitchen. Sorbet stone (not standard) and possibly either Blackened Linewood from laminex or Amerind Ebony Fineline Gloss. We had a look at Stephens work showroom today and we both like a type of fingerpull system that may not be possible with laminex or Amerind. If all else fails we might just do a really dark colour and put a feature panel on the back of the island bench.
  • On the right is the main bathroom. This should compliment our main tile well. Piazza stone upgrade, and chalky teak laminex, which is standard. We actually like chalky teak, so this one might stay!
Oh and we just got our carpet quote back. I was only $100 off so I'm happy! For 4 bedrooms, robes and theatre and the $8/sqm underlay, we'll be looking at around $2700.

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