Saturday, 1 December 2012


If I only see DiLorenzo one more time in my life, I will be happy (but I think it will be more). We went there again today to match our kitchen and stone samples with tiles. I've touched on some of this before, but we got some better photos and have a much better idea of what we're after. Anyway, here are some images of what we hope to do, and what we have decided on. This is some idea of what the house will look like (not our facade but close enough, and the colours are an estimate). Thanks to Kerith for finding this: 

The colours we are keen on:
Walls - Grey Fog
Theatre Room feature wall - One of these purples?
Kitchen Feature wall - Braidwood

Couple of ideas...not sure how well they will work but we're thinking that with the greys, whites and blacks, we may need a couple of bright colours throughout. I don't know if the red door will still work with Mocha, we will deal with that when the house is built I guess. The greens below are ideas for the kitchen splashback.

This, is probably the thing that has been most frustrating to date. The top two stone colours, are the two 'standard' stones, when you upgrade to a package with stone benchtops in the kitchen. That's it. We're doing this:
Kitchen - Sorbet (upgrade of about $950).
Ensuite - New Cairo. We think this colour is generally hideous (in comparison to the rest of the options available), but it should work with what we plan on doing.
Main Bathroom - Piazza (not sure how much the upgrade will be)

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