Monday, 28 January 2013

Colours Pt 2 & Plans submitted to Oran Park

Our second Colours appointment was to go over the kitchen details and electrical.

For our kitchen appointment we dealt with Alex, and just like everybody else, she was lovely. We are getting the following:
Kitchen benchtop and waterfall sides in Essastone New Crystal Salt
Main bathroom benchtop in Essastone Carbon
Ensuite benchtop in Essastone White Truffle

We removed all the appliances because we didn't like what they offered, even with the upgrade.We've since bought a freestanding oven/grill/stove from Good Guys - those VIP sales around Christmas time. I think they do a couple each year.

Everything else will be standard. We will get all cupboards, I can't remember the colour but Stephen (he works for a kitchen company and is extremely handy with tools) will convert them into drawers after handover. He will also put in the overhead cupboards as EBH charge a substantial amount for these. The saving we make if he does them is well worth doing post handover. If anyone in the Sydney area is interested in his help with any cabinetry, let one of us know. I've attached a link to a small page we made up in 2011. Really need to update it... He can do simple items (the white melamine) to the more complex/aesthetically pleasing. It costs nothing to ask =)

Met with Malinda...yeah, just as good as everyone else. Some of our extras include:
Junction boxes on the facade (x 4)
Space for post-handover lighting along garage side of house
Outdoor sockets
2 way switches
Additional tv points
Additional Foxtel points
Upgraded alarm system with keychain fobs, additional sensor
Loads of additional powerpoints

It's obvious, but it really pays to think about this stuff before your appointment. Think about the colours, what you might need in terms of electrical beforehand. Visit the tile/brick places a few times if you need to. You don't want to be kicking yourself later due to a rushed decision.

Now for the plans.
So here is our elevation 'left' and 'right' side of the house.The pink highlights are piers which are to be rendered in Stone Drab. The bedroom windows in the displays were all highlight windows, 60cm high. We changed Bed 2 and 3 (either side of laundry) to be 110cm. Bedrooom 4 was increased to 90cm (Didn't go any further as the air con is below the window).

Also, our landscape plan has been completed. Fingers crossed it is accepted by Oran Park. We actually bought a dozen plants for the house yesterday. Flower Power have a sale on selected plants, up to 90% off but today is the last day. Also worth considering is online nurseries where you can get tubestock for a couple of dollars each. If you have the space and time to grow these before the move it could be a good investment - providing you aren't a plant murderer.

If anyone is interested in any other plans or info let me know! I've been a slack ar$e and have done bugger all, I know!!

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  1. Evening,
    Thanks for the link to Stephen's FB page. I've posted on the page hoping for a quote before our colours appointment (7th May). Hope it's not too late to discuss options.