Saturday, 16 February 2013

Oran Park Approval!

Three weeks ago our plans were forwarded to the UrbanGrowth (read "Oran Park / Landcom") team to approve our landscape and house design. On Friday around lunchtime, we received an email from EB to tell us Landcom have given us the 'ok'! (Next step I think is, once land is registered the plans go to Council?). They have requested we add a few more plants (see plans below) and recommended (not a requirement) we wrap the cladding feature around the side to the highlight window. I'm ok with the planting, but there won't be any additional cladding if it will cost us any further money.

Stephen has also been busy drawing up pantry plans as we're just getting the walls and tiles, no shelves or anything. Right now the plan is:
  • Stone benchtop.
  • Soft close (blum) drawers at the bottom (x 8).
  • Adjustable shelving up top.
  • Microwave to sit on bench to the right, just inside pantry door. Originally I wasn't fussed on the idea of a microwave being in the pantry, but since we have so much space it makes sense and will keep the kitchen area tidier. We had considered putting the microwave in the island bench, but I think about things like if we have kids and they feel like microwaving a fork or a wet pet.

The next photo will show you how basic the kitchen will be before handover. There will be no appliances, splashback or overhead cupboards. As you can see with the drawing above, the other half will design and install the kitchen, we're looking at including the following:
  • Remove cupboards, doors, and replace with pot drawers.
  • Install overhead cupboards and bulkheads
  • Install appliances and splashback
  • Install LED strip lighting for effect under overhead cupboards and breakfast bar.
  • Install overhead cupboards as Aventos servo-drive. I don't care, as long as it looks pretty.
  • I can't remember if he is making the pantry door, or if it's an EBH one? I think that might be an EBH thing, though our wardrobe doors and shelving will be built and installed by him.
  • Pull-out bin installed under island bench.

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