Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wardrobe designs, niches and more plants!

Since we don't have much going on at this end, how about I cover a few odds and ends.

Shower Niches. EBH do them at 27cm high, but that's 27cm between the frames, then add gyprock, waterproofing stuff, tiles etc, and you've lost a few centimetres. If you are still around pcv stage, ask to get them increased to 30cm or so or you might have to get down to Howards Storage World and pick up a pump pack. Boo to that. If you can ensure your jumbo shampoo can fit in the wall, DO IT! 

New estates. If they have town meetings, go check them out! We aren't registered yet but we went to one last Tuesday night. Very informative! It's nice to know the good and bad about the development, and I thought it was nice just to see what kind of people make up the community.

Gardens. Today we bought our front yard trees. These little guys are sitting pretty (cold and wet) in the backyard. We'll get a couple of bigger pots and encourage them to grow. Flower Power have another sale on this weekend, 10-50% off, ends tomorrow. I've been googling nurseries and tubestock suppliers this morning and found a few places up near Dural. Downes Nursery has some really amazing prices if you want more established plants (by that I mean a 20mm pot). They are in Theresa Park. Looks like they have a massive supply and range. If we get our plants from there I will no doubt mention it. The difference in price is almost half the price you'd pay somewhere like flower power. It adds up if you need to buy 30 of the same plant!!

Stephen has drawn up some wardrobes for us. They should serve us well. Things could change, but I'm happy!

My wardrobe - where the Drysdale study is usually found. The drawer on the left will be for shoes. Inside that drawer will be a moveable shelf, so effectively I will have two shelves of shoes and two rows on each. I doubt I have that many shoes.We measured my longest clothes and there's plenty of room for those. On the right hand side there's a wonky angle so furthest away will be a triangular shelving unit. Perfumes, knick knacks, my hairdryer/straightener will live in here. We're also having a powerpoint installed so the heater won't get in the way. I am a wuss when it comes to the cold, and I never put things away haha, so we have tried to create the wardrobe based on my weaknesses!

To the right of the triangular shelves is a tall, narrow 'void'. This is where we'll put a belt rack, which can be pulled out to view the belts. On the right hand side are a few deeper drawers for jumpers, and the crucial undie, bra and sock drawers. I'd like to do the drawers in a colour (shadow wood by Amerind), but the shelving will be white.

Stephens wardrobe is next.This is the one that you get to from the ensuite. On the left will be a mirrored cupboard with shoes behind it. Next are a few deeper drawers (socks and undies!) and additional hanging space. The chunky drawers at the bottom will house his jumpers and on the right is a tall cupboard for more hanging. At the top of the wardrobe we needed to add a highlight mirror due to being on a corner block and needing to 'prettify' our secondary facade. I think we pretty much decided what we want to do with the kitchen now too...but I have no images for that :)

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