Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The kitchen. What we'll get, and what he'll do to it.

Stephen has drawn up a kitchen for us.
The original plan (what Eden Brae will be giving us [I can't believe I just typed 'giving'] minus the appliances), it has cupboards, cutlery drawers and a void for the dishwasher. We will not have a pantry door, and they'll leave a tall panel over near the fridge (!?). 20mm waterfall ends:
and this is what Stephen has put together. Overhead electric Blum aventos cupboards, soft-close pot drawers, strip lighting under the overhead cupboards. On the island bench we'll have cutlery drawers to the left, bin built into the section under the sink (looks like drawers for consistency). He'll have to put in a bi-fold pantry door as well.

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