Saturday, 16 February 2013

Gardens (aka "How to get your landscaping rebate") 101

As I mentioned in the previous post, we have had our landscape plans approved. Because we are spending enough money already, we're looking at buying a lot of these plants from nurseries. Buy them young, grow them up a bit while we wait for things to happen, and fingers-crossed-we-dont-kill-them-over-winter, they'll be ready to go when we are ready to move in.

For anyone who cares, here's what we've got in the backyard :)
Lomandra Tanika  - already purchased!
Forest Flame Lilly Pilly (3)
Tristaniopsis Laurina Luscious (2)
To be honest, rather than the Tristaniopsis below, I would much rather a couple of (large) Grevillea. We'll see how we go. These grow to 7-12m tall.

In the front yard it feels like there will be more plants than grass!
These are our plants:
Lomandra Tanika (x 25)
Forest Flame Lilly Pilly (x 5)
Liriope Muscari Joy Mist (x 33)
Murraya (31 - 36)
NZ Flax (5)

Weeping Lilly Pilly (2) (these will be the two trees on the corner. 8-10m each. We'll prune them at the bottom so they look more like the trees you drew as a child)
NZ Rock Lily (12)

Plus the streetscape trees and shrubs AND whatever we choose to put along the side of the secondary facade. The head is spinning!
Plus side: it'll look good and we might get some spare change out of the put towards the fence we need to get.

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