Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Designing for Dogs

In my building-process-boredom, I have been looking into what I could put into the backyard to entertain the dogs. Very important! I have no kids so I don't need to think about them. I want to keep my dogs happy, safe, and having fun.

There are some good articles online. I will add some links later. There are some amaaazing looking dog houses - the houzz link will give a link to doghouse designs.

So what I'm thinking is something like this:
  • Leaving space between fence and plants for the track they will inevitably wear into the garden
  • Elevated platform/obstacles/agility type items. Tunnels/tubes
  • Maybe a tiny kids pool or trough type water feature for hot days
  • Grasses, softish resilient plants that can take a beating
  • Soft materials like mulch or pebbles
  • Different natural materials. Wood, sandstone?
  • Small sandpit for digging/play
  • chicken wire or cement under fence to discourage digging at boundaries.
  • Flaps over kennel doors in warmer months
  • Screening off garbage area (Our little one is a bit of a ratbag)
  • Raised garden beds?
  • Planks, benches, areas to create interest.
We have things like water tanks, sewer access pits, air conditioning units in the backyard, so if we can incorporate things around these, that would be great. If you guys have any ideas, feel free to share in the comments below! We have a Rottweiler X (9) and Beagle X (7 months). Both girls, both lovely :)

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