Friday, 16 August 2013

Formwork, Piering and Pipes (oh my!)

This week has seen more progress than the past 11 months =)

We dropped by the block a couple of times after work this week. By Thursday we saw the first photo:
Formwork in, piering done, portaloo present and shade cloth set up at the back to catch any sediments that want to make their way onto J&M's block behind us. This was great because I could finally get  an idea of how our house sits on the block and how much (how little) backyard we have to play with. There's really not much at all  but we will make do! Unless any of our neighbours is happy to leave their land vacant? ;) The location of the piering also gave an indication of where the walls are going. On another note, have a look at the direction our street lamp is facing. How does that even happen!

Pipes are in! Reo to the left, waffle pods to the right covering up most of W&J's block.

Oh yeah. We practically have a house! ;)

Oran Park notes:
Seems Stage 2C is not registering til the end of September if they are lucky. D'oh! I hear it's to do with water issues. 
Art and Craft markets on at Oran Park on Sunday. We'll be going down for a look.

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