Friday, 9 August 2013

SS Appointed,..Site scraped!

A lot happened today! We received a letter (snail mail) introducing our site supervisor. I hope he is the hard-@ss some people have spoken about. If not...I just hope he is competent lol!! I'm sure he will be just fine. We'll get a call from him in a couple of days to introduce himself properly.

We drove out to the block today and found this (pic below). Very happy! There's a drop of about 30cm from the end of the scraped section, so we are a little bit concerned that there may be a bit of a drop from the house down to the grass. Over the site - front to back - we have a drop of 60cm. I don't know if we will need retaining walls...hopefully not...but if we do, I am excited to think of what we could do to the garden :)

I still find it a little bit strange that the house behind us still has no action, despite being the first in our stage to receive pegs, several weeks before we did. The EBH guys over the road are yet to be scraped. Thought they may have been scraped the same time as us. Two doors down have a slab and frames already. Next door haven't had anything done yet, not even pegs I don't think...Hoping they start soon so they don't have any access issues if we and the Allwörth build 2 doors up close them in. They have a very narrow block so it could be a problem. Luckily for them we have a heap of room on that side of the house. The Evèryday Homes builds in our stage are being built at an unbelievable pace. One in the corner already has bricks. Crazy.

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