Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Red Pegs

We got this in early/mid July. Nothing since then. It's been more waiting. Eden Brae give themselves 20 working days to order things for our build - our 20 days will be up on Friday. 

We went through CDC rather than Council. We have been pegged for about a month now, and our EBH neighbours over the road got pegged just under a week ago. The concern for us is, will EBH wait til they catch up to us, and do our builds together? We have had that many delays so far (not entirely EBH's fault mind you!!), that we just want to get started. We chose all our colours in December - another concern. Will the tiles still be produced when we get around to needing them?

Anyway, maybe..MAYBE...we will have something on site by the end of next week? I don't know. In some ways I am completely over this building business. We bought the land 11 months ago and thought we would be in by Christmas for sure. Our CSO said realistically we could expect to be in by early March.

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